Real Reason Behind The Divorce Between Norma Gibson And Tyrese Gibson

Norma Mitchell Gibson is Norma Gibson’s full name. She is best recognized for having been the ex-wife of Tyrese Gibson.She was originally from London, England. On the other side, Tyrese is a performer and actor.The actor is most recognized for his roles in the Fast & Furious and Transformers series of movies.

Norma married twice

Tyrese was the second husband she had. However, it’s been reported that she was previously married to a man whose name is still unknown. Because he was domestically abusive, persistent, argumentative, and quarrelsome, her first boyfriend broke up with her. The woman said that her former partner did not value her, and since she had become weary of daily arguments, she decided to call it quits. Tyrese, however, couldn’t allow it to last very long.

Life with hubby Tyrese before divorce

The ex-couple Tyrese and Norma first met in 2002. Norma was a college student at the time, residing in London with her mother. The two had a great chemistry and were charming around one another. The artist showered her with expensive gifts, took her on date nights, and offered her endless credit cards at the time. After a year, Tyrese asked his girlfriend to accompany him to Los Angeles, and she agreed. She left her family and her college to be with him.

2007 saw the couple expecting their first child. After signing the prenuptial agreement, they eventually got married. Both of them had never spoken anything personally and had kept their private lives hidden from the public eye. However, their blissful union did not last for long, and a contentious divorce followed.

What was the real cause of their divorce?

Once word of their split got out, many started saying that she was betraying Tyrese. However, several of them asserted that Tyrese was lying. Further investigation revealed that Tyrese was right and Norma was betraying him. The lady was accused of taking the artist’s money and investing it. She denied it and said that she was too busy living her life to answer his questions. Norma was questioned repeatedly, but she did not change her answer. forcing him to start a divorce process.


Shayla Somer Gibson, a daughter of the previous couple, was born. They share responsibility for their 13-year-old daughter. Everyone was aware of their bitter court dispute and custody battle for Shayla. Norma, Shayla’s mother, was granted interim custody. However, Shayla’s father was angry with Norma for not alerting him to keep a watch on his daughter as she slept at a friend’s house.

under early January, when Shayla was supposed to be under her care, the woman went abroad for a few days, which made him angry as well. In addition, Norma charged Tyrese of abusing their kid in August 2017. According to the mother, Tyrese pushed their daughter to the ground, held her face down with her knees on her back, grabbed her wrists with one arm, and struck her with the other. He allegedly slapped his daughter 12 to 16 times, making it impossible for her to sit down. However, the artist rejected each and every accusation as untrue and offensive.

Tyrese Gibson had a difficult upbringing.

In the Watts district of Los Angeles, Tyrese spent his childhood. After his father, Tyrone Gibson, left the family in 1983, Priscilla Murray Gibson raised him. He said that because he had to go to school to feed, his childhood had been challenging. He had extensive musical training at Locke High in Watts as well as acting training.

Net Worth

Tyrese’s net worth is $3 million as of October 2023 and Norma’s financial information is not provided.

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